Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bounce, Bounce Baby!

Wrigly loves her bouncer...

Wrigly Figuring Out How to Make Noise

Here are a couple of videos of Wrigly figuring out how to use her voice. She loves to listen to herself making noise....Enjoy!

Wow! It's been a really long time since I've last posted!! JUNE!!

I apologize that I have let it go so long again without a new post!

Wrigly has been busy growing up too fast and Kelly and I have been busy working.

The summer flew by and we spent it going to weddings and doing as much as we could outside. Kelly was able to stay home with Wrigly during the summer, so she didn't start daycare until August. Once school started, that meant that football season was upon as well.

Wrigly and I made it to a few home football games, but she didn't want to sit still long enough to stay for the whole game ever. Kelly's team did not have a very good season and ending up only winning one game. Oh well.....Wrigly and I were happy when it ended so we could spend more time with Kelly! He will be coaching middle school basketball again this Spring, but until then he is giving all his attention to Wrigly, Quincy and I (and K-State Football and Basketball).

Wrigly has changed so much since June! She now has 3 teeth, is eating rice cereal and baby food, is army crawling like crazy, waving (even though she doesn't know what she is doing), talking (saying Da Da, ba ba and occasionally, Mum) and clapping. The cutest thing is when she puts her arms out to you when we are picking her up. No greater feeling in the world! She is a little over 7 months old now, and is such a joy and blessing!!!

Here are some of her 6 month pictures taken by Kristin Tangeman:

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Father's Day

Wrigly and Kelly had a great first father's day. Wrigly, Quincy and Mommy made Daddy a photo mug for school since he likes to drink so much coffee. Wrigly also made a mousepad at daycare with her handprint on it. So cute! Daddy and the kids got in lots of naps this weekend!


As you can probably gather from pictures, Wrigly was born with quite a bit of hair. We were anticipating this because the ultrasound technician told me at my last sono that I should bring barrettes to the hospital, because she had lots of hair. However, she was not graced with hair on her whole head from the beginning. She had (and still has) a "receding hairline." Looking back at pictures of Kelly, it appears she might have gotten this trait from Daddy. Mommy had a really full had of black hair from birth that never fell out.

Anyway, her hair is growing in those spots and we have not noticed any of the existing falling out yet. One night after Wrigly's bath we noticed that her hair line was perfect to sport a mohawk. Every once in a while, Mommy will "tease" my hair into a mohawk for part of the day. Hey, I can't have a bow on her head 24/7!!! I know she's not a boy...but it is just so cute!!! :)

Just Mommy, Wrigly and Quincy

This week will be a challenge for me, because I am essentially on my home taking care of Wrigly and Quincy because Kelly is attending an Environmental Science training course out on the Konza Prairie all week. He is scheduled to be out there from about 7:30 am to as late as 9:30 pm. Tonight is the first night and we miss Daddy already. We are bored (mainly because we canceled our cable indefinitely to save some money) and lonely. We will probably take a walk to enjoy the great outdoors later on when the air cools off a little bit.

Now that I am a mommy, I will admit that taking care of a baby is A LOT of work! I don't know how people with multiples do it! I will also add that they are SO WORTH EVERYTHING! How can you not love this face???

And, of course, this face!

Busy Weekends....

We have had lots of stuff going on so far this summer. We have been to 3 weddings (one in KC, one in Hanover and one in Seneca), one graduation party in KC, one 80th birthday party in Marysville, one 1st birthday party in Kingman, one baby shower in St. Benedict and one work party here in Manhattan. Needless to say, we are worn out! This past weekend we got to stay in Wamego and relax for the most part. Kelly was worn out from having football camp all week and I was just worn out from a work week like usual.

On top of all the other things going on, we always had Wrigly baptized on June 6th here in Wamego. Here Godparents are my brother Chad and his wife Stephanie. We had lots of people help us celebrate. My parents, Kelly's Mom and Stepdad, Kelly's brother Dino and his fiance Meaghan, Kelly's Grandma Sanders and my brother Chad, sister-in-law Stephanie and nephew Henry. It was a beautiful day and Wrigly only cried a little bit (or for the whole thing!!) ;) Here are some good pics from the day...