Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Mommy, Wrigly and Quincy

This week will be a challenge for me, because I am essentially on my home taking care of Wrigly and Quincy because Kelly is attending an Environmental Science training course out on the Konza Prairie all week. He is scheduled to be out there from about 7:30 am to as late as 9:30 pm. Tonight is the first night and we miss Daddy already. We are bored (mainly because we canceled our cable indefinitely to save some money) and lonely. We will probably take a walk to enjoy the great outdoors later on when the air cools off a little bit.

Now that I am a mommy, I will admit that taking care of a baby is A LOT of work! I don't know how people with multiples do it! I will also add that they are SO WORTH EVERYTHING! How can you not love this face???

And, of course, this face!

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