Sunday, June 6, 2010

Road Trippin'/Wedding Season

We took Wrigly on her first trip out of the 15 mile radius of Wamego and Manhattan on Mother's Day weekend. We took a day trip up to Axtell, Kansas to my grandmother's house. Many of the aunts and some of the cousins had already met Wrigly when they came down to Wamego to visit, but they all enjoyed seeing her again and how much she had grown.

Here is a picture of Mommy and her kids on Mother's Day...

Our next road trip was to Kansas City that following weekend for cousin "Toot's" graduation. We were only going for the day so we stopped in Topeka on the way to run a couple errands and then stopped at The Legends in Kansas City so we could buy some clothes for Wrigly at the Carter's outlet. After splurging on Wrigly Mom and Dad were going to do some shopping at The Gap, but Wrigly wasn't having it. It was time for her to eat and it was raining, so Mom and Dad decided it was time to leave. The rest of the trip went great and Wrigly got to meet Great Grandpa Buddy and Great Grandma Kathleen and her Uncle Kerry, Aunt Shannon and Cousin Toot. They all thought she was perfect....especially Great Grandpa Buddy (see below).

That next weekend was our first overnight experience. Kelly and I's friend, Mark Olberding, was getting married in Kansas City, and we definitely did not want to miss that. Since I don't know my way around KC very well, we decided to just stay at the same hotel that the reception was at so we wouldn't need to worry about getting lost later. Wrigly did really well and slept in her Pack and Play for the first time. We didn't stick around and do any shopping because we wanted to get home to pick up Quincy from his grandpa and grandma's house. We drove to Seneca through St. Joe hoping to see Kelly's dad, but he was out of town in Wisonsin buying an airplane (he just received his pilot's license!). We drove into town and ate at Panda Express (one of our all time favorites!).

We went to yet another wedding that next weekend. This time it was a friend of mine, Janine Feldkamp. Janine's wedding was in Hanover, so we just made a day trip out of it and got home around 9:00. Wrigly did really well that day too. It was a beautiful wedding and we got to see a few good friends that we hadn't seen in awhile.

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