Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maternity Leave

I don't have too much to post about my maternity leave...because it was just too short for my liking!!!! To avoid a long and frustrating back story, let's just say that I could only take 6 weeks off because Kelly and I could not afford for me to be off work any longer than that. I was going to get on a short term disability plan at work that would pay me 75% of my salary for 12 weeks of maternity leave. It did not work out, so I was stuck with no pay. I had a little vacation time saved up (about 60 hours) and used that for a portion of it to get paid. I must also mention that I some wonderful co-workers and friends! They got together and donated me over 70 hours of vacation time for me to use. Wow, did that help out tremendously!! Between hospital bills, a huge payment on our taxes and all the stuff that goes along with baby, things were running thin! So, if any of you guys are reading...THANKS! YOU ARE SUCH GREAT FRIENDS!

Though my leave was short, it was absolutely wonderful and gave me such a great chance to bond with my daughter. I spent most of the days feeding her, holding her, working around the house and watching a ton of TBS. I also took a ton of pictures...

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