Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bounce, Bounce Baby!

Wrigly loves her bouncer...

Wrigly Figuring Out How to Make Noise

Here are a couple of videos of Wrigly figuring out how to use her voice. She loves to listen to herself making noise....Enjoy!

Wow! It's been a really long time since I've last posted!! JUNE!!

I apologize that I have let it go so long again without a new post!

Wrigly has been busy growing up too fast and Kelly and I have been busy working.

The summer flew by and we spent it going to weddings and doing as much as we could outside. Kelly was able to stay home with Wrigly during the summer, so she didn't start daycare until August. Once school started, that meant that football season was upon as well.

Wrigly and I made it to a few home football games, but she didn't want to sit still long enough to stay for the whole game ever. Kelly's team did not have a very good season and ending up only winning one game. Oh well.....Wrigly and I were happy when it ended so we could spend more time with Kelly! He will be coaching middle school basketball again this Spring, but until then he is giving all his attention to Wrigly, Quincy and I (and K-State Football and Basketball).

Wrigly has changed so much since June! She now has 3 teeth, is eating rice cereal and baby food, is army crawling like crazy, waving (even though she doesn't know what she is doing), talking (saying Da Da, ba ba and occasionally, Mum) and clapping. The cutest thing is when she puts her arms out to you when we are picking her up. No greater feeling in the world! She is a little over 7 months old now, and is such a joy and blessing!!!

Here are some of her 6 month pictures taken by Kristin Tangeman:

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Father's Day

Wrigly and Kelly had a great first father's day. Wrigly, Quincy and Mommy made Daddy a photo mug for school since he likes to drink so much coffee. Wrigly also made a mousepad at daycare with her handprint on it. So cute! Daddy and the kids got in lots of naps this weekend!


As you can probably gather from pictures, Wrigly was born with quite a bit of hair. We were anticipating this because the ultrasound technician told me at my last sono that I should bring barrettes to the hospital, because she had lots of hair. However, she was not graced with hair on her whole head from the beginning. She had (and still has) a "receding hairline." Looking back at pictures of Kelly, it appears she might have gotten this trait from Daddy. Mommy had a really full had of black hair from birth that never fell out.

Anyway, her hair is growing in those spots and we have not noticed any of the existing falling out yet. One night after Wrigly's bath we noticed that her hair line was perfect to sport a mohawk. Every once in a while, Mommy will "tease" my hair into a mohawk for part of the day. Hey, I can't have a bow on her head 24/7!!! I know she's not a boy...but it is just so cute!!! :)

Just Mommy, Wrigly and Quincy

This week will be a challenge for me, because I am essentially on my home taking care of Wrigly and Quincy because Kelly is attending an Environmental Science training course out on the Konza Prairie all week. He is scheduled to be out there from about 7:30 am to as late as 9:30 pm. Tonight is the first night and we miss Daddy already. We are bored (mainly because we canceled our cable indefinitely to save some money) and lonely. We will probably take a walk to enjoy the great outdoors later on when the air cools off a little bit.

Now that I am a mommy, I will admit that taking care of a baby is A LOT of work! I don't know how people with multiples do it! I will also add that they are SO WORTH EVERYTHING! How can you not love this face???

And, of course, this face!

Busy Weekends....

We have had lots of stuff going on so far this summer. We have been to 3 weddings (one in KC, one in Hanover and one in Seneca), one graduation party in KC, one 80th birthday party in Marysville, one 1st birthday party in Kingman, one baby shower in St. Benedict and one work party here in Manhattan. Needless to say, we are worn out! This past weekend we got to stay in Wamego and relax for the most part. Kelly was worn out from having football camp all week and I was just worn out from a work week like usual.

On top of all the other things going on, we always had Wrigly baptized on June 6th here in Wamego. Here Godparents are my brother Chad and his wife Stephanie. We had lots of people help us celebrate. My parents, Kelly's Mom and Stepdad, Kelly's brother Dino and his fiance Meaghan, Kelly's Grandma Sanders and my brother Chad, sister-in-law Stephanie and nephew Henry. It was a beautiful day and Wrigly only cried a little bit (or for the whole thing!!) ;) Here are some good pics from the day...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Months Old

Wrigly had her 2 month appointment this past Thursday (June 3rd). Mommy did not go, because she had to be at work, so Daddy was on his own. We were so excited to see how much she weighed, because we could tell she had grown a lot since her 1 month appointment when she was 7 pounds 8 ounces. I warned Daddy that she had to have two shots, so that he would be prepared for the screams.

The appointment went well and Wrigly weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and is now 23 inches long. She is close to the 70% percentile for height, which is a huge surprise for me. She is my daughter after all! Maybe she will get lucky and get some heigth from the Runnebaums.

The shots went better than anticipated at the doctor's office and once Daddy picked her up she calmed down pretty quickly. However, later that night she had a couple episodes where she would just scream and scream. Here is the poor little girl after we finally got her to fall asleep for a little bit...

Road Trippin'/Wedding Season

We took Wrigly on her first trip out of the 15 mile radius of Wamego and Manhattan on Mother's Day weekend. We took a day trip up to Axtell, Kansas to my grandmother's house. Many of the aunts and some of the cousins had already met Wrigly when they came down to Wamego to visit, but they all enjoyed seeing her again and how much she had grown.

Here is a picture of Mommy and her kids on Mother's Day...

Our next road trip was to Kansas City that following weekend for cousin "Toot's" graduation. We were only going for the day so we stopped in Topeka on the way to run a couple errands and then stopped at The Legends in Kansas City so we could buy some clothes for Wrigly at the Carter's outlet. After splurging on Wrigly Mom and Dad were going to do some shopping at The Gap, but Wrigly wasn't having it. It was time for her to eat and it was raining, so Mom and Dad decided it was time to leave. The rest of the trip went great and Wrigly got to meet Great Grandpa Buddy and Great Grandma Kathleen and her Uncle Kerry, Aunt Shannon and Cousin Toot. They all thought she was perfect....especially Great Grandpa Buddy (see below).

That next weekend was our first overnight experience. Kelly and I's friend, Mark Olberding, was getting married in Kansas City, and we definitely did not want to miss that. Since I don't know my way around KC very well, we decided to just stay at the same hotel that the reception was at so we wouldn't need to worry about getting lost later. Wrigly did really well and slept in her Pack and Play for the first time. We didn't stick around and do any shopping because we wanted to get home to pick up Quincy from his grandpa and grandma's house. We drove to Seneca through St. Joe hoping to see Kelly's dad, but he was out of town in Wisonsin buying an airplane (he just received his pilot's license!). We drove into town and ate at Panda Express (one of our all time favorites!).

We went to yet another wedding that next weekend. This time it was a friend of mine, Janine Feldkamp. Janine's wedding was in Hanover, so we just made a day trip out of it and got home around 9:00. Wrigly did really well that day too. It was a beautiful wedding and we got to see a few good friends that we hadn't seen in awhile.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maternity Leave

I don't have too much to post about my maternity leave...because it was just too short for my liking!!!! To avoid a long and frustrating back story, let's just say that I could only take 6 weeks off because Kelly and I could not afford for me to be off work any longer than that. I was going to get on a short term disability plan at work that would pay me 75% of my salary for 12 weeks of maternity leave. It did not work out, so I was stuck with no pay. I had a little vacation time saved up (about 60 hours) and used that for a portion of it to get paid. I must also mention that I some wonderful co-workers and friends! They got together and donated me over 70 hours of vacation time for me to use. Wow, did that help out tremendously!! Between hospital bills, a huge payment on our taxes and all the stuff that goes along with baby, things were running thin! So, if any of you guys are reading...THANKS! YOU ARE SUCH GREAT FRIENDS!

Though my leave was short, it was absolutely wonderful and gave me such a great chance to bond with my daughter. I spent most of the days feeding her, holding her, working around the house and watching a ton of TBS. I also took a ton of pictures...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots of visitors....

We had lots of visitors come meet Wrigly at the hospital and after we got home. Thanks all of you who came to visit us and bring us food and gifts. We truly appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness! Wrigly even got to meet her cousin Henry a couple days after I was born. He is about 4 months older than Wrigly. See the size difference here....

Can't believe that he used to be a tiny thing like Wrigly a few short months ago!

We came home from the hospital with Wrigly on Easter weekend, so we got treated to lots of great food from our parents and grandparents. They all came down to visit on Saturday and we enjoyed ham, hash brown potatoes, rolls and lots of Easter candy! Yum! We had leftovers for a few days too, which was great!

Mr. Quincy's Day Out

Why did we ever let his hair get so long??? That is what we asked ourselves after we got home with baby Wrigly. We keep saying he just looked like an old man here...

Since Kelly had the week off after Wrigly was born and we had to go into town for an appointment for Wrigly and get a few things from Target, we scheduled Quincy a hair cut. He loves going to Claire and Harley's in Manhattan to get his hair cut and get completely spoiled. We also picked him up some treats for being such a great big brother. Here is an after shot...

Epidural? Yes, Please!

As I mentioned in the previous post, our daughter, Wrigly Kay Williams was born on April 1, 2010. Here is a quick summary of what went down that wonderful day!

Upon arrival to the hospital at 7:00 am, they got us checked in and started me on Pitocin, which is a drug that is used to induce labor. It didn't take long for contractions to start. I was pretty comfortable until about 8:15 when the doctor came in to break my water to really get the process started. I can honestly say that having my water broke was the most painful thing I experienced during the labor process. Contractions really sped up after my water broke and I started getting very uncomfortable. At that point I got the epidural about 2 hours later. It was smooth sailing after that. I was dilating pretty quickly and everything seemed to be progressing well. Around 1:00 they noticed that the baby's heartrate was dropping really low periodically. They attributed that to the positon I was in, so they kept making me switch the sides I was laying on. When that didn't seem to resolve the issue, they called my doctor to the hospital, because they were suspecting that I would need a C-section if she wasn't born soon. I was completely dilated when my doc got there and we decided we would try to push to see if she would be born quickly. That wasn't going quick enough, so they wheeled me into an OR and did the C-Section.

You can see the worry on my face here...I was so anxious to meet my daughter and was praying that everything would go ok...

Kelly was looking good in his scrubs...

The process was quick, and in a few short minutes our baby girl had arrived. Hearing her cries then was one of the most anticipated and beautiful sounds and I was so overjoyed. (Now those cries aren't quite as welcomed. Here is a pic of our baby girl, Wrigly Kay...

I absolutely love this next picture. The anethesiologist took some pictures, and they are all just priceless. Although I was quite drugged up, I remember everything very clearly. The happiest moment of my life....meeting my daughter!

Smiling right after birth...JUST PERFECT!

Happy Birthday Baby!

WOW!!! It's been a long time since the last time I've posted. Can't even begin to explain how much my life has changed! Kelly and I were blessed with our beautiful daughter Wrigly on April 1, 2010. You're thinking "Geez...that's over 2 months ago, and you are just now getting around to updating your blog??" Well, let me tell you, parenthood is a lot of work and very, very hectic. It is so worth the time and effort, though!

Anyway, I apologize for the delay in posting and I will really try to keep this posted more regularly.

I had a doctor's appointment the day before my due date (March 30, 2010) and we decided since our little girl had not arrived yet, we would be scheduled to be induced on April 1st. (Yes, April Fool's Day!!) I decided I should go to work half of a day on the 31st so that I could get some more things ready for my absence from work and then spend the rest of the day getting groceries, getting things ready at home and relaxing. I surprisingly slept very well that night and we woke up bright and early to go to the hospital for a 7:00 am induction.

Here is a picture of Mom and Quincy the day his sister was born. He knew something was going on. This was the last time he had Mom and Dad's undivided attention. Don't be fooled though, he is still incredibly spoiled and still gets to sleep in bed with us!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Quincy!!

Our first child (yes we treat him like he's a human) turned 2 years old in doggie years yesterday (March 29, 2010). Kelly likes to refer to his human age (24 years old). We have been telling him the past couple of weeks that it is time for him to get a job now that he's an adult! ;)

Anyway, I went to pick him up a special gourmet treat from Claire and Harley's in Manhattan, but they were closed yesterday. So we improvised and gave him two of his favorite things mixed together (apples and peanut butter). He was in heaven! (see below).

Oh, and yes the due date is tomorrow and there is no baby yet! I have an appointment in about an hour and am hoping to get some good news!

Friday, March 26, 2010

What an exciting time in our lives....We are about ready to become parents. We have both been anxiously awaiting our daughter's arrival for the past 9 months. I must say that this past 9 months have went really fast, but these last few are dragging by for me. She can't get here fast enough. I am not even to my due date, but I feel like she is late already. This is probably because Kelly and I have been swearing that she will come early this whole pregnancy. I have been getting things organized at work for the past month, but finally got everything organized and set for April and May. To give a quick background on my job, I coordinate and take care of executing all of the e-mails for GTM Sportswear. Not just a job you can put on hold for 6 weeks while out on maternity leave. So basically, I planned the e-mails for the next 2 months. Took a lot of planning ahead, but will totally be worth it.

Another exciting turn of events, is the Cats NCAA Tournament Appearance thus far. As of last night, we are officially in the Elite 8 and hoping after tomorrow, the Final 4. Luckily this has kept Kelly and I somewhat preoccupied so we are not just sitting at home anxiously awaiting the baby. My thoughts right now....the baby needs to wait until after tomorrow's game to come, but then she has a nice window until next weekend when we will be playing in the Final 4! Hopefully she can get her timing down!

We attended the pep rally for the team on Monday night and here are a couple pictures from that night...HOPING FOR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Forgot to post the latest sono pic earlier. I had a sono done at around 34 weeks and the first thing the sono tech said was "Oh my gosh...she has a lot of hair! Be sure to bring barrettes to the hospital!" I had a ton of black hair when I was born, so we were both already expecting her to have lots of hair. I just can't wait to see her and her hair! :) The sono pic below is of her face, but she was being shy with her hand up there in front of it. People are saying she looks like Daddy, so we'll see!

Can't forget the other sweet baby in my life right beautiful Goddaughter Brynlee. I don't see her nearly as often as I wish, but her Mommy sends lots of great pics. Like this one....

LOVE HER!!! (and her Mommy and Daddy!)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ok, now I think you are pretty much caught up on our lives...

So, here we are today, between 37 and 38 weeks pregnant and ready for our little girl to get here!

We have the bags all packed and in the car, so we are "officially" ready.

Last Doc Appt: March 9th
Status: 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced (progress!)

Family pic before we become a family of 4! ;)

Dad to be and Big-Brother to Be

Mom at about 37 1/2 weeks...
Did I mention that Kelly and I became an Aunt and Uncle in November. Henry Gilden Schmitz was born 2 days before Thanksgiving on November 24, 2009. He is just about as cute as they come. Just absolutely precious!

24 weeks...

My baby shower...about 31 weeks...

About 33 weeks...

Boy or girl, boy or girl???? The big question on everyone's mind. We found out in November, that we are indeed expecting a little baby girl. This was such a great day for us and we are both so excited to have a daughter.

I must admit, my pregnancy (especially the first few months) was pretty painless and easy. I did not suffer from morning sickness at all and only threw up once. Pretty lucky, huh? I feel blessed, but keep thinking in the back of my head "what terrible things are going to happen to me in the pregnancies that will hopefully follow?" But for now, I just feel lucky to have had a smooth pregnancy.

Here are some quick shots of me early on at 15 , 17, and 18 weeks.

Let's begin in the beginning...

We found out officially on July 30, 2009 that we were expecting a baby. I had "a feeling" and since I had some pregnancy tests around the house (since we were trying), I thought I would give it a shot. I took 3 pregnancy tests that night, but the line was so faint we still did not believe it. I took one more in the morning on the 30th and was pretty sure that 3 previous tests were not lying. We went to the doctor that afternoon and found out our due date would be March 31, 2010!

Needless to say, it was hard to keep this a secret from our family and friends. We told our families on September 4, 2009 before a K-State football game. We had the families over for a BBQ as a thank you for helping us with our house that past summer. Quincy was thrilled to share this news with a shirt that said "I'm The Big Brother Quincy."

Welcome to our blog! After seeing many friends of mine creating blogs, I thought, why not?? Also, I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and to post fun things going on in our lives...which will be changing greatly in the next couple of weeks!