Friday, March 26, 2010

What an exciting time in our lives....We are about ready to become parents. We have both been anxiously awaiting our daughter's arrival for the past 9 months. I must say that this past 9 months have went really fast, but these last few are dragging by for me. She can't get here fast enough. I am not even to my due date, but I feel like she is late already. This is probably because Kelly and I have been swearing that she will come early this whole pregnancy. I have been getting things organized at work for the past month, but finally got everything organized and set for April and May. To give a quick background on my job, I coordinate and take care of executing all of the e-mails for GTM Sportswear. Not just a job you can put on hold for 6 weeks while out on maternity leave. So basically, I planned the e-mails for the next 2 months. Took a lot of planning ahead, but will totally be worth it.

Another exciting turn of events, is the Cats NCAA Tournament Appearance thus far. As of last night, we are officially in the Elite 8 and hoping after tomorrow, the Final 4. Luckily this has kept Kelly and I somewhat preoccupied so we are not just sitting at home anxiously awaiting the baby. My thoughts right now....the baby needs to wait until after tomorrow's game to come, but then she has a nice window until next weekend when we will be playing in the Final 4! Hopefully she can get her timing down!

We attended the pep rally for the team on Monday night and here are a couple pictures from that night...HOPING FOR A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BABY!!!

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