Monday, June 21, 2010


As you can probably gather from pictures, Wrigly was born with quite a bit of hair. We were anticipating this because the ultrasound technician told me at my last sono that I should bring barrettes to the hospital, because she had lots of hair. However, she was not graced with hair on her whole head from the beginning. She had (and still has) a "receding hairline." Looking back at pictures of Kelly, it appears she might have gotten this trait from Daddy. Mommy had a really full had of black hair from birth that never fell out.

Anyway, her hair is growing in those spots and we have not noticed any of the existing falling out yet. One night after Wrigly's bath we noticed that her hair line was perfect to sport a mohawk. Every once in a while, Mommy will "tease" my hair into a mohawk for part of the day. Hey, I can't have a bow on her head 24/7!!! I know she's not a boy...but it is just so cute!!! :)

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